April 28, 2023

The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) and Aspire Institute join together to enhance opportunities for youth in Jordan and around the world to discover their potential and expand their global network.

CPF, founded in Jordan in 2015 by the Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, envisions a capable youth for an aspiring Jordan by providing equal access opportunities for youth 13-30 years old across the country.

The foundation was built on the belief that all youth can excel and become capable, active citizens in their communities – if empowered with the proper skills and means.  

According to CPF, the population of Jordan in 2021 reached approximately 11.4 million; and 7.6 million were youth. This means around 71% of the population is under the age of 35; and, the latest youth unemployment rate in Jordan reached 47.2% in the fourth quarter of 2022 (15-24 years old). 

CPF fosters leadership and citizenship, promotes entrepreneurship, and enhances employability for Jordanian youth – with the ultimate goal of shaping young change makers. 

In 2022, their efforts in youth programs have directly and indirectly reached 2,594,353 youth in total across Jordan.* The Foundation also encourages youth to be active members in their communities through participating in community projects and volunteering activities.

Cultivating leadership skills in young, aspiring leaders is one of the main shared values between Aspire and CPF. 

“The Crown Prince Foundation and Aspire Institute align when it comes to presenting programmatic opportunities for our youth where they can excel in their personal and professional development – and enhance their leadership and employability skills in the market,” said Futoun Nassif, Development Manager at the Crown Prince Foundation. “We value working together to deliver programs that maximize equal access to opportunities for youth to exchange knowledge and ideas with a global community.”

Given the power of a strong, global network for youth, both Aspire and CPF care about building bridges of collaboration that serve youth.

We hope they gain mentorship from a diverse community of peers, educators, and professionals who will inspire them to be impactful in their ecosystem, locally and globally. 

“We both focus on reaching determined and motivated youth from different backgrounds and nationalities, so they can learn and develop new leadership skills, tools, and ideas,” Nassif said. “Aspire gives Jordanian youth the opportunity to be part of the global alumni network where they can have access to mentorship, grants, networking, affinity groups, and local ambassador cohorts – where they can be a part of the community impact.”  

When asked what advice they would give to young adults today as they explore their passions, CPF emphasized lifelong learning and a growth mindset. 

“Knowledge is power; always seek and build on what you know and whenever you see an opportunity, take it,” said Nassif. “This could be the first step in building skills that will help achieve goals and ambitions. And keep growing your network, you never know what collaboration is possible.”


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