News / June 27, 2024

Aspire Institute Annual Staff Strategy Retreat: Scaling Agency

Aspire's "Scaling Agency" retreat focused on the strategic capabilities of our staff and deepened our understanding of the Aspire Leaders Program as a system.

News / June 27, 2024

Ignacio Toledo Navigates a Career in Astronomy and Inspires Others to Discover Their Dreams

Chilean astronomer Ignacio Toledo has fostered his passion for astronomy since a young age, sharing it with Aspire students. He balances basic scientific knowledge with broader discussions, recognizing students' desire for deeper engagement. His goal is to inspire and support their educational journeys, and he hopes to continue his mentorship for many more students in the future.

News / June 27, 2024

Josiah Muriuki ALP ‘23 Drives Change Through Mentorship and Gives Back to His Community in Kenya

Determined to build a better life, Josiah Muriuki pursued higher education and founded BetterMentor Africa, a mentorship initiative for youth across Africa.

News / May 29, 2024

Pelin Çılgın ALP ‘22 Seeks Opportunities to Pursue Passions in Film

Pelin Çılgın’s passion for language and film drives them to continuously seek out opportunities to achieve their dreams.

News / May 29, 2024

Expanding the Aspire Leaders Program Throughout Brazil as an International Opportunity

With the aid of our Country Representative, Aline Santos, we have been able to reach many Brazilian youth and invite them to take advantage of our program.

News / May 29, 2024

Art Hunt, Finance Director at Aspire Institute, Promotes Financial Literacy and Empowers Young Leaders

Art Hunt, Finance Director for Aspire Institute, provides advice on financial literacy, mentors young leaders, and consults for nonprofits.

News / April 25, 2024

Mahmoud Rabie, Founder of Innovate Academy, Passionately Learns and Mentors to Shape a More Inclusive Future

Mahmoud Rabie, Founder of Innovate Academy, is dedicated to mentoring youth through his organization and preparing them for career success.

News / April 25, 2024

Susan Fine Shares Entrepreneurial Wisdom With Aspire’s Rising Leaders

Aspire mentor and entrepreneur shares her journey and wisdom with young leaders around the world.

News / April 25, 2024

Rohit Kushwaha ALP ’23 Transforms Lives of Youth With Disabilities in India

Aspire Leaders Program alumnus and Community Action Award winner creates a school to develop vocational skills in disabled youth in Ghaziabad, India.

News / March 29, 2024

Michelle Nagawa ALP ‘22 Inspires Change as a Ugandan Social Impact Leader, Mentor, Writer, and Mother

Michelle Nagawa completed the Aspire Leaders Program in 2023 and receiving funding to pursue a transformative project in the Katanga slum area of Uganda. She continues to balance her roles as a social entrepreneur, mentor, writer, geospatial analyst, and mother.

News / March 29, 2024

Marcelo Claure Transforms Challenges Into Opportunities and Empowers the Next Generation of Global Leaders

Marcelo Claure, investor and entrepreneur originally from Bolivia, shared his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a global business leader. He now invests in young talent and educational initiatives like Aspire Institute.

News / March 29, 2024

Sudanese Content Creator Creates a Digital Space for Equal Access to Opportunities

Maram Elmutasim, a medical doctor from Sudan now living in Egypt due to political turmoil, leverages social media to spotlight educational opportunities for youth in Sudan and the Middle East and North Africa regions.

News / February 22, 2024

Bryan Penprase Fosters Global Citizenship and Compassion Among Young Leaders to Shape a Brighter Future 

Penprase shared his insights with participants of the 2024 Aspire Leaders Program during a masterclass on global citizenship and highlighted the pivotal role of wisdom, courage, and compassion in shaping a brighter future.

News / February 22, 2024

Alliance for Innovation Empowers Youth to Create Thriving Communities in Brazil

Aspire Institute partners with the Alliance for Innovation to ignite innovation and cultivate leadership among young leaders in the south of Brazil.

News / February 22, 2024

Edith Lozano Perez ALP ‘22 Finds her “Seat At the Table” by Exploring Opportunities and Overcoming Doubts 

Aspire alumna gained a sense of belonging in her field after guidance from expert Boston bioengineers as part of her iGEM Design League contest grand prize.

News / January 25, 2024

Center for Economic Research in Pakistan Hosts Aspire Alumni and Encourages Embracing Inclusivity to Create Positive Change

Alumni in Pakistan gathered for networking and a session from CERP on inclusivity and making an impact in their communities.

News / January 25, 2024

Florencio Vente ALP ‘21 Advocates for Youth and Minorities Across Borders

Florencio Vente, originally from Colombia but living in Brazil, began advocacy work at a young age. Today, he continues to advocate for youth voices to impact change.

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