News / June 27, 2024

Josiah Muriuki ALP ‘23 Drives Change Through Mentorship and Gives Back to His Community in Kenya

Determined to build a better life, Josiah Muriuki pursued higher education and founded BetterMentor Africa, a mentorship initiative for youth across Africa.

News / May 29, 2024

Pelin Çılgın ALP ‘22 Seeks Opportunities to Pursue Passions in Film

Pelin Çılgın’s passion for language and film drives them to continuously seek out opportunities to achieve their dreams.

News / April 25, 2024

Rohit Kushwaha ALP ’23 Transforms Lives of Youth With Disabilities in India

Aspire Leaders Program alumnus and Community Action Award winner creates a school to develop vocational skills in disabled youth in Ghaziabad, India.

News / March 29, 2024

Michelle Nagawa ALP ‘22 Inspires Change as a Ugandan Social Impact Leader, Mentor, Writer, and Mother

Michelle Nagawa completed the Aspire Leaders Program in 2023 and receiving funding to pursue a transformative project in the Katanga slum area of Uganda. She continues to balance her roles as a social entrepreneur, mentor, writer, geospatial analyst, and mother.

News / February 22, 2024

Edith Lozano Perez ALP ‘22 Finds her “Seat At the Table” by Exploring Opportunities and Overcoming Doubts 

Aspire alumna gained a sense of belonging in her field after guidance from expert Boston bioengineers as part of her iGEM Design League contest grand prize.

News / January 25, 2024

Florencio Vente ALP ‘21 Advocates for Youth and Minorities Across Borders

Florencio Vente, originally from Colombia but living in Brazil, began advocacy work at a young age. Today, he continues to advocate for youth voices to impact change.

News / November 22, 2023

Godwin Obi ALP ‘22’s Global Leadership Journey from Nigeria to Princeton University

Aspire alumnus, Godwin Obi, shares his leadership journey from Nigeria to studying at Princeton University.

News / October 26, 2023

Tanzeel Rashid ALP ‘22 from Bangladesh Believes Young People Should Drive Societal Change

Tanzeel Rashid — with his passion for social impact and his organization, Ogrograhi — empowers young people in Bangladesh to drive societal change.

News / September 29, 2023

Isabela Sanchez Taipe ALP’22 from Peru Carries Her Family’s Dreams as a First-Generation College Student

An ALP '22 alumna, Isabela Sanchez Taipe overcame barriers in Peru and now carries the dreams of her family as a first-generation college student. 

News / August 25, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Barsha Tamang and Anisha Prajapati ALP ‘22 Establish Support Systems for First-Generation Youth in Nepal

Aspire alumni work to address the hardships faced by first-generation youth, young girls, and students striving to learn English in Nepal through their nonprofit organization, Lokopakar.

News / July 28, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Marvin Kanyike ALP ‘22 Tackles Community Health Problems in Uganda

A Community Action Award winner aims to make great strides in Ugandan healthcare. Through his community health plan for early hypertension detection and treatment, he hopes people seek care sooner and put less stress on the healthcare system.

News / June 30, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Alumni Spotlight: Alejandro Ortiz ALP ‘22 Forges Beyond Adversity 

The challenges that Alejandro Ortiz and his loved ones have endured in Bogotá, Colombia influenced his work in fighting gender violence towards women.

News / May 25, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Ally Li ALP ‘22 Seizes Opportunities as a First-Generation College Student

Ally Li is a Business Administration and Management student at Boston University's Questrom School of Business. In a meeting with Aspire Institute's Team, she described how her background and experiences as the daughter of Chinese immigrants and a first-in-family college student have driven her to pursue valuable opportunities.

News / April 28, 2023

Aspire Institute Establishes a Presence in São Paulo, Brazil

Aspire Institute officially launched a Foundry in Brazil on April 3, 2023 in partnership with Insper. During the month of April we hosted multiple alumni events and information sessions.

News / April 28, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Akbar Kurniawan ALP ‘22 Expands His Worldview and Seeks to Reduce Inequalities in Indonesia

Kurniawan, a recent college graduate and 2022 Aspire Community Action Award (CAA) winner, seeks opportunities for global exposure and community impact. His initiative, The Mula Sasmita Project, provides sign language training to the entire community to support the Deaf community.

News / March 30, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Diana Citlali Avila Padilla ALP ‘22 Paves The Way for Women in STEAM

Diana Avila, alumna from Mexico, already co-founded a nonprofit and now won a Community Action Award for her initiative, SisterSTEAM. She aims to provide a community for women in STEAM to support each other’s goals and wellbeing through this initiative.

News / March 30, 2023

Malawi Alumni Organize Event With Harvard Surgeon

Aspire Leaders Program alumni and current participants joined Dr. Kiran Agarwal-Harding, co-founder of Harvard Global Orthopedics Collaborative and SONA Global, in Malawi this month to meet, network, and think about the challenges and opportunities when starting community initiatives.

News / February 24, 2023

Hein Oo ALP ‘22, Refugee from Myanmar, Found a Community at Aspire

Hein Oo fled Myanmar in 2021 and settled in the U.S. As he works to find community here, he continues to support his home community and the planet as a young leader and environmental advocate.

News / January 26, 2023

2022 Community Action Awards: Alumni-Led Social Impact

18 Aspire Leaders Program alumni pitched their social impact projects to a panel of entrepreneurs. Ten projects across nine countries will receive this award of up to $10,000 and begin their social impact journey. Projects solve problems from preserving post-harvest crops to providing awareness and greater service to those with disabilities.

News / January 26, 2023

India Alumni Field Day: Community Building Across Generations of Leaders

30 Aspire Leaders Program alumn gathered in New Delhi for the first ever India Field Day on January 24. Alumni and professionals from across generations came together as a community to share their ideas, experiences, opinions, and advice. Aspire Country Affiliate, Anil Nair, organized this exciting community-building event.

News / December 19, 2022

Peruvian Alumni Meet Aspire Programs Manager, Erika Sologuren

Alumni from Peru gathered in Lima with Programs Manager, Erika Sologuren, and discuss how their life has changed since finishing stage 5.

News / December 19, 2022

Nepali Alumni Gather at Nepal Leadership Academy

Alumni gathered at Nepal Leadership Academy and met Dr. Pukar Malla, Harvard Kennedy School graduate and nonprofit leader.

News / December 14, 2022

Alumni in Pakistan Connect and Learn From Industry Leaders

Aspire alumni in Pakistan met with industry leaders to network and open up doors for internships and other opportunities.

News / November 23, 2022

Jameson Pierre-Louis ALP ’21 from Haiti Feels Sense of Belonging after Aspire Leaders Program

Jameson Pierre-Louis learned that he is not alone in the difficulties he faces as a low-income student after the Aspire Leaders Program in 2021. Today, he works to make an impact and inspire other young leaders.

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