June 24, 2022

15 million youth 15-35 years old reside in Indonesia, where United In Diversity (UID), a non-profit organization and one of Aspire Institute’s global partner organizations, brings together leaders from diverse sectors to create sustainable solutions to challenges in Southeast Asia and the world. Many UID initiatives involve empowering youth, sharing a vision with Aspire. 

Named specifically to represent their purpose, UID believes that collaboration and shared thought is fundamental to change. Bringing these leaders together means “building trust for our common future” as the UID tagline states.

UID hosts workshops to facilitate discussion and exchange ideas, including the Youth Action Forum (YAF), which gathers 60 leaders aged 18-30 years old from across Indonesia to collectively design the future they want to emulate.

Pramita Indrarini, Learning Facilitator at UID

“We offer capacity building training for young leaders so that they can understand the diversity of the world’s challenges and learn more about themselves and the people they want to serve,” explained Pramita Indrarini, Learning Facilitator at United In Diversity.

The Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative (YSEALI), a program established by the U.S. Embassy fosters the potential of youth. UID and YSEALI collaborate to provide young leaders with the skills to facilitate workshops in their own communities, forming hubs across Southeast Asia. Youth from this collaboration make great candidates for the Aspire Leaders Program.

“This is where we align with Aspire,” Indrarini described. “We want to see young leaders become more confident about themselves and understand the world around them.” 

The Aspire Leaders Program provides an opportunity for these Southeast Asian youth to discover how they can build leadership skills and play a part in solving the key challenges of today.

“Indonesia is very diverse. There is privilege for people in the cities but not attention to those who are not as privileged,” Indrarini said.

UID and Aspire Institute share the belief that bringing diverse minds together and harnessing the power of young talent in solving communities’ biggest challenges will create lasting change. As a global partner, UID helps us reach our goal of providing resources to underprivileged youth across the world, at scale, and preparing them to become leaders in their societies.


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