July 8, 2022

The Diana Award, given to 9-25 year olds, recognizes that youth drive social change around the world.

These young leaders do not pursue their work with the expectation of receiving this accolade. They commit to making a difference and are chosen after a nomination process.

This year, Aspire Institute proudly congratulates two alumni, Mariam Mohammad from Lebanon and Goodness Odey from Nigeria.

Mohammad, ‘20 Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program (now the Aspire Leaders Program) and a Palestinian refugee residing in Lebanon, received the award for her mentorship of youth in both Lebanon and Africa. 

Diana Award recipient

Mohammad’s ‘Alam W Mahay’ initiative works to increase literacy among street children in Lebanon.

Through her work, Mariam has mentored over 3,200 youth to inspire them to become leaders and solve social issues.

“It all started with [Aspire],” Mohammad said.

During her time as an Aspire learner, Mohammad met a colleague from Nigeria. Forming a network with youth across Africa, she provided soft skills workshops, project development, and mentorship.

“One of the connections I met opened unlimited doors to make an impact and start creating change,” Mohammad explained. “[This] contributed tremendously to my personal and professional development.”

The Aspire Leaders Program provides resources for talent around the world from low-income backgrounds – encouraging them to become young leaders.

Mariam Mohammad and Goodness Odey exemplify youth inspiring others to create change in their communities and the world around them. 

“I feel that both I and the program got this award,” Mohammad said. 

Youth drive social change

Goodness Odey, ‘21 and winner of the Community Action Award grant, also received the Diana Award this year.

Odey was recognized for the EduPad Yala project, an initiative to educate youth on sexual reproductive health, and volunteer work.

The EduPad Yala project, funded by Aspire Institute’s Community Action Award, hopes to meet the health needs of over a million youth.

“I feel elated that the work I do is significant. [It] is making a difference and receiving global recognition,” Odey said. 

During her time as a volunteer for ‘Global Health Focus Africa,’ Odey has mentored over 50 young women. This work and her work as a public health researcher aims to influence health policy in Africa.

“I feel highly motivated to continue my impact journey and inspire more young people to [become] positive change makers,” Odey said. “I appreciate the immense support Aspire Institute has provided to my achievement and impact journey.”


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