August 25, 2022

With undergraduate enrollment in Egypt of over 2.4 million, Egypt Scholars, one of Aspire Institute’s global partner organizations, aims to advance the fields of scientific research and entrepreneurship by supporting youth as they pursue their goals. 

Egypt Scholars partners with Aspire Institute because of a shared commitment to providing opportunities that allow the large population of youth around the world to drive change.

“Building the capacity of youth is how we make a positive social impact,” said Mahmoud Rabie, Public Relations Director at Egypt Scholars. 

Entirely run by volunteers, Egypt Scholars attracts a diverse team dedicated to mentoring and providing resources for the youth involved in research and STEM fields.

Rabie discussed the importance of supporting young adults through their programming and building an internal team representing different ages, genders, backgrounds, and expertise. 

He feels constantly moved by the enthusiasm for innovation and the abundance of fresh ideas of emerging leaders. 

“Giving them the tools to turn those ideas into a successful project is very rewarding,” he expressed. 

Aspire Institute and Egypt Scholars share their vision of enabling young adults to make a change in the world with mentoring, knowledge, and a diverse network. 

Rabie advises leaders of tomorrow to learn by doing. 

“The best way to master the foundations of innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership is action-based learning,” Rabie encouraged. “This includes making mistakes and learning how to work as a group.” 

He learned through his career that business and science could work together. Therefore, he sees great value in exposing emerging leaders to different fields and providing mentorship opportunities. 

The Aspire Leaders Program offers live seminars and exposure to world-class educators and professionals. These resources allow underserved youth to explore their passions and open their mind to new knowledge and industries that benefit their career development.

Rabie emphasized guidance and providing safe spaces for students as key components inexploring their interests. 

“Human capital is the most important thing,” Rabie said. 

Many college students and recent graduates have the capability to present innovative ideas that change the world – and the growing partnership between Egypt Scholars and Aspire Institute will support young adults in these pursuits.


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