August 25, 2022

Patricio (Pato) del Sol, Chile and South America Regional Faculty Advisor for Aspire Institute and professor and consultant on business strategy, witnessed the thirst for learning present among the Leaders in Training during his faculty seminar.

His seminar focused on his most recent book, Efecto Red: Cultivo de estrategias en la era de las plataformas (Network Effect in English), and how to cultivate strategic growth in the world of digital platforms. 

Del Sol realized that working with Aspire Leaders in Training felt special because they showed up to learn.

“As a professor, what you want is to engage with students who are interested in learning,” del Sol said. “The Aspire Institute students were so eager and appreciative.” 

Patricio del Sol firmly believes that strategy benefits people in any occupation — whether you want to be a teacher, an engineer, or a tennis player. Developing a strategy and utilizing networks and digital platforms will be critical to success.

“Strategic thinking compliments your other topics of interest; it is what helps you realize your goals and bring your ideas to life,” he said.

Del Sol believes the program is unique because the emerging leaders possess this drive to become well-rounded leaders. 

“The students weren’t there for a degree or to check a box; they were there to access opportunities [and] to learn and grow from people looking to share their expertise,” he said.

He advises these emerging leaders to continue to have this passion for learning and persevere when they face challenges. 

“They may not realize that the most impactful tool they have is their motivation,” del Sol expressed. “Their commitment to learning is unique – and so valuable.” 

He encourages them to continue to surround themselves with interesting and intelligent people while continuing to ask thoughtful questions. 

“You have to invest in yourself and stay a lifelong learner,” del Sol said. “Keep asking questions.”


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