December 13, 2023

This beautiful mixed media painting titled “Peace” is the work of Israt Sherin Ahmed, a 2023 Aspire Leaders Program alumna from Bangladesh. We had the pleasure of interviewing Ahmed, and she spoke of her intention with the piece.

“This painting shows a girl who is calm and relaxed. I created this artwork to connect the viewers through the emotions of peace and calmness,” she said. “I wanted the viewers to see the diversity and richness of colors that can build a sense of tranquility within their minds.”

Ahmed also discussed the significance of the colors she used in her artwork.

“In this painting, I have applied different shades of different colors that signify my intention to convey depth and complexity. Though the color application technique is simple, the meaning of the piece is quite expressive.”

When asked, Ahmed explained the inspiration behind her painting.

“My inspiration while creating this painting was women and emotion. We see women as symbols of power, motivation and love. Emotion is the only way to engage with something and understand its meaning. I tried to combine both woman and emotion so that it could express the essence of the artwork.” 


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