January 4, 2024

Fara Diya Yasmine ALP ’23 created a piece of digital artwork in Bangkalan Regency, Madura, Indonesia. The classical music of British-Indonesian pianist George Harliono inspired this piece. “I was amazed by his way of expressing the classical songs on the piano,” Diya explained. “This piece visualizes how my eyes see him every time he plays the piano. I hope you feel it!”

Diya provided thoughtful insight on how the piece was drawn from her cultural background. “Since the color, gradation, and tone preferences are inspired by Batik Madura, a culture (art on textiles) from the island where I live (Madura, Indonesia),” She said. “So I could promote our artistry.”

Diya expressed further creativity stemming from the Aspire Leaders Program. “I met numerous aspiring leaders and facilitators worldwide, which has sharpened my creativity, potential, and passion.” She said. “The Aspire Leaders Program helped me a lot in analyzing the challenges and finding solutions from various perspectives, as a leader or as a follower, or such as in business, law, culture, and technology, including art!”

With the increase of artificial intelligence (AI) use, Diya expressed a challenge when it comes to individual created versus AI generated art. “Although my viewers already recognize my painting style [as] semi-abstract with acrylic, it might be a question from the outside because some AI websites or applications provide quite similar result,” she expained. “Hence, I have to highlight my characteristics in the painting.”


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