January 3, 2024

In pursuit of bringing career readiness and confidence to youth in Kenya, Josiah Muriuki, founder of BETA Mentor Africa and ALP ’23, launched a day full of talks, sessions, and more in Kirinyaga County. Muriuki saw a need, and he was successful in his desire to positively impact the high school and college students of his community.

“As a first-generation student born in rural Kenya, I have gone through a journey of empowerment through which many people held my hand and lit my path,” he said. “The confidence drawn from this empowerment has led me to make bold strides toward achieving my dreams.”

Deeply invested in his community, and empowering others Muriuki hosted this event to empower young leaders around him. “My motivation to host a career day in my home county stems from a deep-seated passion for community service and the conviction that empowering young minds is key to shaping a prosperous future.” He explained

He expressed a strong belief in the transformative power of community-driven initiatives, and saw that through when it came to his Career Day.

“On this day, we gathered to curate a solution to the career crisis faced by the youth in Kenya.” Muriuki said. “This event emerged as a pivotal moment for all the participants and a beneficial forum for the incubation of ideas.”

When asked about what sparked the idea for this event, Muriuki explained how he recognized the need for mentors and empowering these youth. “Recognizing the unique needs of the youth in Kenya, I led a team of like-minded mentors to tailor the event to provide a comprehensive platform addressing diverse topics crucial for the students’ holistic development.” He said. “We aimed at inspiring and guiding the next generation toward promising horizons, fostering a sense of purpose and aspiration.”

While the event was a resounding success, Murikui told us that it was not without its challenges. “Meticulous planning and collaborative efforts were essential in overcoming obstacles,” he said. “Logistics, coordinating with multiple stakeholders, and ensuring the event’s relevance to the diverse needs of the youth presented challenges. The shared dedication of the team and our partners made it possible to create an impactful and memorable experience for the participants.”

The Kirinyaga County Career Mentorship Day reached and positively impacted over 200 students.


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