January 9, 2024

Last month, we promoted a meeting with our alumna Yasmin Morais, who was part of the Aspire Leaders Program 2021 cohort. Born and raised in Bahia, she was greeted by our representative in Brazil, Aline Santos, in São Paulo, where they talked and strolled through one of the city’s main sights: Paulista Avenue. They exchanged ideas about issues such as diversity, equality, and social development through awareness and education.

Creator of Vulva Negra, an influential black feminist project in Brazil, Morais had the opportunity to share how the Aspire Leaders Program helped her in academic, professional and social trajectory. “I was looking for educational programs and experiences related to social entrepreneurship that would lead me to an evolution and reconnection with the social theme,” Morais explained. “Because of that, having participated in the Aspire Leaders Program was extremely enriching.”

Morais also explained the most influential elements of the Aspire Leaders Program and how they changed her trajectory. “We had access to the Harvard X platform courses, mentoring, specialization courses, and conversations that were very important to my professional growth,” She said. “We [created] connections with other young leaders around the world. I keep in touch with these people and, who knows, maybe we´ll have the opportunity to build some project together”.

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