February 2, 2024

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Reyes Ampuero received a 2024 Social Impact Seed Funding award for her project “Heroines”, inspired by the lack of women she found herself exposed to in her history classes growing up. Reyes Ampuero knew there had to be women in these stories. In school, she was assigned projects relating to men who shaped the history of Chile. She was curious and impassioned with the idea that no one seemed to be asking about the women who shaped these same stories. She attends UC Chile and studies Political Science, which further involves her in – and educates her on – issues relating to activism, feminism, and cultural awareness. 

When asked about her background and challenges that have led her to her current field, Reyes Ampuero informed us of what shaped her and her interests. 

“First of all, I come from a small town in the country that has a lot of inequality. Since it is an agricultural area where large areas of land and natural resources are managed by farmers, I grew up watching my mother, grandmother and sister making great efforts so that we could live quietly as much as possible,” she said. “I received some financial support from my father, but the funds were always so that my sister and I could prepare ourselves as well as possible and perhaps aspire to college.”

We asked her about what sparked her interest and what jump-started her current project. She gave us great insights. “My great passion has been feminism and joining the student organization Academia Feminista made me better focus my activism work, and complement it with my teaching skills,” she said. “That I am able to lead the organization today is a privilege and I approach it with my experience from my own experience.” 

Reyes Ampuero is part of the 2023 ALP Alumni Cohort. When asked how the program impacts her work, she was thoughtful and impassioned. She highlighted confidence and networking. “The Aspire Leaders Program has been instrumental in teaching me to confidently present my ideas and recognize their value.” she said. “The program has also provided a crucial network of contacts, both in Latin America and globally. Networking can open up new opportunities, collaborations, and perspectives, contributing significantly to one’s success.”

Congratulations to Ana Paula Reyes Ampuero, and her team in pursuit of Heroines! We are so glad we can support your impactful project.

Check out their instagram at @academia_feminista


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