May 29, 2024

Art Hunt, Finance Director for Aspire Institute, plays a pivotal role in supporting young leaders in gaining financial literacy and nonprofit organizations in achieving their strategic goals. With a rich career in accounting and change management, Hunt now has his own consulting firm and mentors Aspire Leaders Program alumni in addition to his Finance Director role. He enjoyed sharing invaluable tips on financial literacy and personal planning during a mentorship session. 

Early Career and Education

After high school, Art Hunt joined the United States Air Force, serving for four years and spending two years in Germany. This experience was a time of maturation and reflection for him before enrolling in an accounting program at university, where he discovered his passion for this subject.

Professional Journey

Upon graduation, Hunt embarked on a career in manufacturing and telecommunications, where he wore many hats and took on cross-functional roles. He later joined Yale University, working in an internal consulting department. Over his 18-year tenure at Yale, his favorite role was managing change management project. Hunt retired from Yale University in 2015 and, along with his wife, founded a consulting firm that advises nonprofits across the United States. 

Role at Aspire Institute

As the Finance Director of Aspire Institute, Art Hunt ensures the financial stability and growth of the organization. His dedication to Aspire stems from a deep belief in the mission and a love for collaborating on strategic visions.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with the entire team, “ Hunt said. “ At Aspire, you’re dedicated, you’re fun, you’re hardworking, you’ve got great sense of humor. The culture at Aspire is magnificent.”

Mentorship and Community Engagement

Art Hunt’s passion for mentorship shines through his interactions with the Aspire Leaders Program alumni and the greater community. He has shared financial literacy tips through social media videos and recently ran an exclusive session with the alumni on financial literacy. He feels privileged to support the next generation, expressing gratitude for the opportunities he has had in his own career. 

Personal Insights and Advice

Hunt’s career advice comes from his own experiences of hard work. 

“I always put in a lot of time and worked a lot of hours at whatever job I was doing,” he said. “If you put the time in, opportunities come to you – if you’re open to opportunities.”

If you put the time in, opportunities come to you – if you’re open to opportunities.

He also emphasized the importance of enjoying work to achieve a balanced life. 

“If you love your work, it becomes your work-life balance sometimes,” Hunt said.

During his session with Aspire Leaders Program alumni, he spoke about the importance of financial literacy and personal financial planning. 

“It is like any other language,” he said about finance. “It is really this multifaceted discipline.” 

He highlighted how improving your financial literacy can open doors in personal and professional realms, especially for young people starting out and deciding their future goals. 

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Art Hunt will continue his work in mentorship and nonprofit consulting. He values the opportunity to give back and make a positive impact. 

“The most rewarding thing is expressing my gratitude for the life that I’ve been able to live by giving something back,” he explained. “ It could be my grandchildren, students anywhere, or the nonprofit organizations I work with.” 

This represents his way of leaving a small mark on the world. Hunt looks forward to continuing the work he does, spending time with his family and grandchildren, and traveling the world. 

“If I could pass on some knowledge, some experience, some lessons that I’ve learned then I’m happy.”


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