February 22, 2024

To ignite innovation and cultivate leadership among young leaders in south Brazil, Aspire Institute formed a partnership with the Alliance for Innovation during a visit to Porto Alegre. This alliance, a joint effort between three of the leading universities in this city, UFRGS, PUCRS/TECNOPUC, and UNISINOS, aims to transform the region into a leader in the fields of innovation, knowledge, entrepreneurship, and impact. 

Flavia Fiorin, Executive Director of TECNOPUC and one of the managers at Alliance for Innovation, spoke with Aspire’s Brazil Foundry Country Representative, Aline Santos. They realized the shared mission to empower young people to reach their full potential and leverage leadership skills to create thriving communities. 

What motivated you to partner with Aspire?

We understand innovation within a global agenda. Bringing our students, our talent, and our future entrepreneurs to an international environment remains a constant pursuit of our movement to form a dynamic and global innovation ecosystem. Aspire represents an opportunity to bring to our local talent what’s happening in the world, especially through impact, which is ingrained in the DNA of the Alliance for Innovation.

How can Aspire benefit the Alliance for Innovation’s actions?

I believe through the creation of leadership, in a very robust way, and global connection. This global alliance covers territories where we share challenges, bringing us significant potential for spectacular development. The Insper brand is fundamental to bringing this perspective [as well]. It has immense credibility, and we understand that the association of the names of Insper and Aspire makes all the difference.

What are your expectations with this [partnership]?

We look forward to seeing our partnership benefit young people! We enjoy the results and feedback from students when they participate in [various] programs. This impact generated goes beyond our intention.

In March, we will join the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) Latin American Conference, hosted by Alliance for Innovation, and at the South Summit in Porto Alegre. These two events are prominent in providing knowledge on innovation and offering funding for startups and entrepreneurship in the south of Brazil. Promoting the Aspire Leaders Program to young students and entrepreneurs capable of transforming their communities through leadership and impact will be inspiring. 


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