May 29, 2024

The Aspire Leaders Program has recently gained significant traction in Brazil, offering an international opportunity. Aline Santos, our Country Representative based in São Paulo dedicates her time to expanding awareness of Aspire Institute. Through her participation in various events, Santos successfully promoted Aspire Institute’s vision and mission to students and universities nationwide, highlighting the program’s potential to foster leadership and internationalization among young Brazilians.

Promoting Aspire at Key Events

One notable event was the II International Education Fair at the University of São Francisco (USF) in São Paulo. This gathering brought together young people and partners from the region to explore international study and work opportunities. Santos presented the Aspire Leaders Program. She explained how young leaders can develop themselves, generate social impact, build a global network, and access new opportunities through the Extended Leadership Program. Additionally, she engaged with stakeholders, explaining the importance of internationalization in enhancing students’ academic and professional journeys.

Highlighting Internationalization at FAUBAI Annual Conference

Santos also attended the FAUBAI Annual Conference, the largest event in Latin America focused on the internationalization of higher education. With over 600 participants from around the world, this conference was a prime opportunity to promote the Aspire Leaders Program. Santos met with managers from international offices of numerous Brazilian universities. This will open doors for significant partnerships to showcase the Aspire Leaders Program as a valuable opportunity for first-generation youth.

“It was very inspiring to see university representatives from all over Brazil enthusiastic about bringing the Aspire Leaders Program to their students,” Santos said. “Besides being an affordable opportunity for internationalization, Aspire piques universities’ interest because the program offers activities and projects aimed at preparing students for the job market and fostering leadership potential in any area they wish to pursue.”

Building Excitement and Lasting Relationships

Aline Santos met new partners who expressed excitement about how the Aspire Leaders Program and the Aspire Institute will support students in Brazil, offering a global experience without leaving their home country. 

“Many students are unable to study abroad due to financial or mobility issues,” said Matheus Fernandez, Head of International Affairs at The Federal University of Grande Dourados (UFGD). “Being free and online, Aspire makes this experience possible, especially for low-income students, promoting a strong democratization of internationalization.”

Ongoing Support and Opportunities

UFGD, among other organizations and individuals, will continue to connect first-generation university students to opportunities like the Aspire Leaders Program with the support of our Brazil Country Representative. This commitment ensures that the Aspire Leaders Program will remain a beacon of hope and growth for young leaders across Brazil.

The Future of the Aspire Leaders Program in Brazil

The Aspire Leaders Program’s expansion throughout Brazil exemplifies the power of internationalization and the impact of dedicated representatives like Aline Santos. By fostering leadership potential and providing global experiences, Aspire is empowering a new generation of Brazilian students to achieve their academic and professional goals.


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