News / May 25, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Ally Li ALP ‘22 Seizes Opportunities as a First-Generation College Student

Ally Li is a Business Administration and Management student at Boston University's Questrom School of Business. In a meeting with Aspire Institute's Team, she described how her background and experiences as the daughter of Chinese immigrants and a first-in-family college student have driven her to pursue valuable opportunities.

News / April 28, 2023

Aspire Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Michael Vortmann Believes Young, Passionate Leaders Can Make a Difference in Healthcare Around the World

Dr. Vortmann has worked with diverse communities in nations around the globe and led a faculty seminar for the Aspire Leaders Program on basic emergency medicine skills everyone should know.

News / April 28, 2023

Aspire Global Partner: Crown Prince Foundation Shapes Young Change Makers in Jordan

Aspire Institute and CPF join together to enhance opportunities for youth in Jordan and around the world to discover their potential.

News / March 30, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Diana Citlali Avila Padilla ALP ‘22 Paves The Way for Women in STEAM

Diana Avila, alumna from Mexico, already co-founded a nonprofit and now won a Community Action Award for her initiative, SisterSTEAM. She aims to provide a community for women in STEAM to support each other’s goals and wellbeing through this initiative.

News / March 30, 2023

Aspire Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Despina Sanoudou Cites Her Work with Youth as Her Most Meaningful Contribution

Dr. Sanoudou, a leader in the field of pharmacogenomics, feels honored to have had a role in the origin of genomics and hopes her story inspires Aspire Leaders Program participants to pursue their passions.

News / February 24, 2023

Hein Oo ALP ‘22, Refugee from Myanmar, Found a Community at Aspire

Hein Oo fled Myanmar in 2021 and settled in the U.S. As he works to find community here, he continues to support his home community and the planet as a young leader and environmental advocate.

News / February 24, 2023

Aspire Global Partner, Office of Industrial Links at IIUM, Provides Opportunities for Young Adults to Make an Impact

Aspire Partner, the Office of Industrial Links at IIUM, supports a global group of students explore their next step, valuing collaboration between academia and industry.

News / February 24, 2023

Aspire Faculty Spotlight: Doris Sommer Encourages Balance Between Purpose And Passion

Professor Doris Sommer will return to lead two faculty seminars in the 2023 Aspire Leaders Program. She inspires young adults to harness their passion and find their purpose.

News / January 26, 2023

Aspire Faculty Spotlight: Can Erbil Strives to Create Value for the Next Generation

Can Erbil, Boston College Economics Professor and Turkey Regional Faculty Advisor for Aspire Institute, specializes in bridging the gap between developmental economic theory and applied practice.

News / January 26, 2023

2022 Community Action Awards: Alumni-Led Social Impact

18 Aspire Leaders Program alumni pitched their social impact projects to a panel of entrepreneurs. Ten projects across nine countries will receive this award of up to $10,000 and begin their social impact journey. Projects solve problems from preserving post-harvest crops to providing awareness and greater service to those with disabilities.

News / November 23, 2022

Jameson Pierre-Louis ALP ’21 from Haiti Feels Sense of Belonging after Aspire Leaders Program

Jameson Pierre-Louis learned that he is not alone in the difficulties he faces as a low-income student after the Aspire Leaders Program in 2021. Today, he works to make an impact and inspire other young leaders.

News / November 23, 2022

Aspire Global Partner, Babban Gona, Invests in Young People Today for a Better Tomorrow

Babban Gona is an Aspire partner organization in Nigeria. Founded during a time of turmoil and insecurity in West Africa, their mission is to make farming more profitable for smallholder farmers and turn at-risk young people into successful entrepreneurs. Together, Aspire and Babban Gona invest in young people for a better tomorrow.

News / October 26, 2022

Aspire Global Partner Science Clubs International Expands Education and Resources for Underserved Youth

In 2014, a group of Mexican graduate students studying at Harvard University came together to provide high-quality education and resources to those less-privileged. Originating as 'Club de Ciencia’ (Science Club) in Mexico, this organization has grown from a regional to an international effort. Together, Aspire Institute and Science Clubs International provide opportunities for underserved youth to discover their full potential through fully funded programs.

News / October 26, 2022

Şeyma Kara ALP ‘20 from Turkey Values Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Solving Community Problems

Turkish Aspire alumna and Aspire Alumni Ambassador values cross-cultural collaboration and research-backed solutions to community problems.

News / October 26, 2022

Aspire Faculty Spotlight: Sérgio G. Lazzarini Encourages Thoughtful Debate to Address Pressing Problems

Professor Lazzarini delivers an engaging seminar on Privatizations and stresses the importance of calm and thoughtful debate among Aspire Leaders in Training.

News / September 29, 2022

Aspire Global Partner Ismart Commits to Breaking the Poverty Cycle in Brazil

Ismart and Aspire Institute share the belief that talent exists across socioeconomic backgrounds and offer programs that empower youth from underserved backgrounds to catalyze change in their communities. 

News / September 29, 2022

Shushanna Arakelyan ALP ’21 from Armenia Perseveres to Gain Valuable Experiences

With her zest for knowledge and desire to impact her community, ALP alumna from Armenia exemplifies the impact of perseverance.

News / September 29, 2022

Aspire Faculty Spotlight: Diane Davis Admires Global Consciousness and Curiosity

Professor Davis discussed how sociology helps address global challenges. The first in her family to pursue a graduate degree, she felt moved by the curiosity among Aspire learners.

News / August 25, 2022

Aspire Global Partner, Egypt Scholars, Believes Youth Drive Social Impact

Egypt Scholars advances the fields of scientific research and entrepreneurship by supporting students and researchers. Aspire Institute and Egypt Scholars share a commitment to nurturing the potential of youth around the world.

News / August 25, 2022

Mariam Mohammad ALP ’20 Impacts Refugees and Street Children

Mariam Mohammad, a graduate student and Palestinian refugee living in Lebanon, gained the ability to think outside the box through ALP. This drives her success in mentoring youth and impacting the field of public health among low-income communities.

News / August 25, 2022

Aspire Faculty Advisor Patricio del Sol Impressed by Motivation to Learn

Patricio del Sol, professor and consultant on business strategy, shared his awe of the curiosity and eagerness to learn in the virtual Aspire classroom.

News / July 28, 2022

Ronaldo Raposo ALP ’21 Gains Confidence in Becoming a Change Agent

Ronaldo Raposo ALP '21, a university student from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil pursuing a degree in international relations with a focus on finance, credits the Aspire Leaders Program as the catalyst for his confidence in leading the change he wants to see in Latin America. 

News / July 28, 2022

Professor Frances Frei Feels Hopeful About the Next Generation After Interaction with Aspire Leaders

Thought leader on leadership strategy, Frances Frei, delivered a seminar for Aspire leaders on building and rebuilding trust. She left left impressed by the nuanced questions and comments.

News / July 8, 2022

Lebanese and Nigerian Aspire Alumni Receive the Diana Award for Youth Driving Social Change

The Diana Award, given to 9-25 year olds, recognizes that youth have the ability to drive social change around the world. This year, the Aspire Institute proudly congratulates two alumni who have received this honor, Mariam Mohammad from Lebanon and Goodness Odey from Nigeria. 

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